Alexander The Great

January 5, 2008

Zion I – Bird’s Eye View

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She’s the one I always count on, one that wouldn’t leave me
One that’s in the city always written in graffiti
One that keeps me company, when I’m all alone
She’s my heart, my mind, my spirit and my bones
She’s the only one I know that would go across the globe
Meet me in a foreign land, treat me like I’m home
Everything I own, give to her, she deserves it
Treats me like a king, every syllable is perfect
Searched through the earth for a reason just to be here
And since I met her every moment’s like a leap year
Baby you can sleep here, you can stay with me
Anywhere you go, know I’m probably gonna be
Full of energy, and never acting tired
You’re everything I need – when I prayed, God supplied
You my chunky fire, blessings you provide
Always in my life ’til the day that I die


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