Alexander The Great

January 8, 2008

To the Wikia Ninjas

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I know you’re coming. Adam set up a wiki letting you know I exist, so I know a visit from your drones is waiting around the corner. I’d like to set out the welcome mat, and invite y’all to a cup of tea. Adam says it should be THC tea, that you’re all well familiar with that. Looking at your cotton ball logo, I can see that. Looking at many of the “articles” on Wikipedia, his suspicions are confirmed.

Oh, Wikian Pawns, you’re being exploited. Jimmy Wales is your pointy haired master. Willy Lynch What do the pyramids of Egypt, Wikipedia, and the for-profit Wikia search engine have in common? They prove anything is possible with an unlimited supply of expendable labor. Ask Willy Lynch.

Wikia is a for profit venture, leveraged on the backs of countless volunteers. It’s an honorable thing to give your time and labor to a better world, now and posterity. I used to volunteer at Wikipedia for this reason, until it became unavoidably clear she was taking on more water than the Titantic. Wreckipedia is still sinking, and has long since lost sight of the surface.

Volunteer pawns, child laborers of the wiki, your toils are not making the world a better place! Your thankless work serves only to line the pockets of your master.


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  1. […] When Louis Armstrong (king of jazz, inventor of the modern form we recognize as jazz) was born in 1900, racism was taken for granted. It wasn’t seen as racism, just the natural order of things. Mr Armstrong had a talent so big it couldn’t be contained in his ghetto, and in fact spilled over into white society. Before each performance, he said (non verbally) “I am here to entertain you, but I am not your equal.” This is what he had to do to be recognized in a world that enforced racial division with lynchings. […]

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