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January 16, 2008

Cell Phones vs (or =?) Computers

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Matt McDonald has written a fascinating post about not only an unprecedented trend happening today, but also about this trend’s implications. What’s the news? There are cell phones that are more powerful than the average consumer PC or Mac. What are the implications? Read A Race From Both Ends.

Obviously, one thing this leads to is a more connected world. McDonald points to some facts that blow Hillary and Obama’s meteroic rise out of the water

  1. In 2001 about 120 million Americans were using cell phones.
  2. As of late 2007 there was over 250 million.
  3. We’re talking about a country with 300 million people.

I had previously written a post asking similar questions to the ones Matt is posing for his readers. Mine was called MySpaceBook, Killer of Jobs, and discussed both the positive and negative effects that the business section of the Sunday paper talks about. Highly automated software is replacing the concept of a workforce, at least in some areas of the tech and web “industry”. The natural panic is less jobs, but this could mean less work needing to be done, and cheaper (if not free) services. More utopian than dystopian, if you ask me.

Matt comes to similar conclusions. 1,000 years from now, historians will study our times, and call these days the most important since the Agricultural Revolution. We’re going through a peroid of amazing and rapid change. It’s not without its costs, but these will ultimately be worth the benefits to society and to too many individuals to count.


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  1. In a few years China will have over 450 Million phones. 3G & 4G. Pretty soon, the phone will be our computer. Everything on a phone. Your screen and keyboard will be stations on your desk. These are great times, imo.

    Comment by IT Pro, Programming — March 20, 2008 @ 12:06 am | Reply

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