Alexander The Great

January 30, 2008

Gun Control

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There’s a thread going on over at Webmaster-Talk about gun control.  Being a moderator, I have to tone my posts appropriately.  I asked about the historical context that gave birth to the Bill of Rights and particularly the 2nd Amendment, along with the economics of the illegal firearms market.  However, with my own blog, I can actually share my opinion.

Gun control means removing the safety from your firearm.  The last thing you want is to have to think before killing somebody.  When I see a person in the hallway by the kitchen in the middle of the night, by the time I ask myself “is that my wife or an intruder?” I could have already been robbed for my laptop.

Screening criminals is an affront to privacy.  I smoke marijuana every day, but that shouldn’t prevent me from having a gun.  (Heck, I managed to type another person’s name into the from field commenting on a blog.)  It’s nobody’s damn business that I commmit a misdomeanor every day (possession of a controled substance).  I have the right to bear arms, damnit!

Of course, it’s not just anybody who should be allowed to have guns.  You should have to weigh more than the gun you want, so you can pick it up. That might preclude 4 year olds from having weapons. I don’t really like that idea, but I’m not sure what the solution is. Obviously a child should be able to defend itself from parents who might infringe upon their freedom, like it says in the 2nd Amendment.

Arabs should be allowed to have guns. Anything else would be racism. Just remember you don’t have to actually prove your an American citizen to have rights here – you have to have your feet planted on American soil. This is why illegal immigrants who give birth in this country give birth to a citizen. It’s also why foreign nationals are entitled to a fair trail for their crimes.

Simply put, we should stop worrying about trying to prevent silly things like gun crime and murder, and instead react when it actually happens. It’s the 80/20 rule. We don’t have crack cocain control enshrined in law (like those dirty liberals want) just because coke has the potential to be used as part of a person’s death.


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