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February 28, 2008


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Think about evolution, not in the sense of where we came from or how we got here, but as a general concept. You can see the evolution of software, from punch cards to text only displays and a command line user interface to where people are using VRML to browse information in a database. Whether this is actual Darwinian evolution or personal growth and maturity is open to debate. But evolution can be used as a word to describe this style of growth, and if we look at things like software or society, it works on a slow time scale.

When Louis Armstrong (king of jazz, inventor of the modern form we recognize as jazz) was born in 1900, racism was taken for granted. It wasn’t seen as racism, just the natural order of things. Mr Armstrong had a talent so big it couldn’t be contained in his ghetto, and in fact spilled over into white society. Before each performance, he said (non verbally) “I am here to entertain you, but I am not your equal.” This is what he had to do to be recognized in a world that enforced racial division with lynchings.

This continued on until the civil rights movement. But in the last 40 years, things have turned around drastically. America’s attitude toward racism is Puritanical. In the way sexuality, especially adultury, was once met with violent rejection, today racism is shunned to great length. What a radical change in the span of 40 years!!!!! From the days of JFK (who did not implement civil rights change) it’s not just the world that’s changed, it’s us as well.

Is racism dead and behind us? No, not completely. There’s ground left to cover, but most of the work has been accomplished. A black person makes most but not quite all the salary a white person would make for the same work – this is wrong, and yet most “minorities” have never experienced racial violence. The late 1960s gave rise to the Black Panthers, but the situation today simply isn’t dire enough to provoke such blowback.

The point in writing this isn’t to congratulate, turn on the TV, and call it a day. Retrospective is an important part of planning. And looking back, the truth is we’ve done well. We need to continue, but we need to recognize success where it exists (and learn from it).


February 26, 2008

Science And Or Versus Religion?

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Science is an art, in a strange way. There are musicians who never take any risks, and put out album after album of mediocre crap. (This describes rock music from the late 1970s on) And there are musicians who take risks, occasionally get it wrong, but get it oh so right when things work. Bob Saggat of America’s Funniest Home Videos is the former, while Montey Python is the latter.

Forget the flat earth – people used to think the stars were candles held up by twine. There has been spectacular cases of getting it wrong. Lamarck. Phrenology.

These wild guesses (at least that’s how they seem – stabs in the dark) don’t mean science is flawed. Over time, we get closer and closer to the truth, honing our knowledge like old people on the porch whittling a stick.

I agree with Common’s grandma, who says “We All Need Jesus” but I also take anti biotics, use a computer, and watch TV. There’s an idea the two are mutually exclusive – in competition till the bitter end. But the two ask radically different questions. Science attempts to describes how, and relgion tells us why. Science tells us how to improve our life in the here and now, religion tells us how to prepare for the afterlife, and how to spend eternity as we’d all like to.

The Book of Genisis says

Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 13 And there was evening, and there was morning–the third day.

And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.

Other translations have it that God told the Earth to bring forth living creatures. This is a poetic way to describe the process of evolution. God set the process in motion (the first mover) and then took his rest – the first programmer, and still the best.

February 24, 2008

Nancy Reagan on Immigration

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February 22, 2008

Two cannibals are eating a clown.

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A squad of American soldiers was patrolling the Iraqi border, when they came across a badly mangled dead body. As they got closer, they found it was an Iraqi soldier.

A short distance up the road, they found a badly mangled American soldier in a ditch on the other side of the road, struggling to breathe. They ran to him, cradled his bruised head and asked him what had happened.

“Well,” he whispered, “I was walking down this road, armed to the teeth when I came across this heavily armed Iraqi border guard. I looked him right in the eye and shouted, ‘Saddam Hussein is a moronic, deceitful, lying piece of trash!'” “He looked me right in the eye and shouted back, ‘George W. Bush is a moronic, deceitful, lying piece of trash too!'”

“We were standing there shaking hands when the truck hit us.”

February 21, 2008

1984 Has Come True

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Read this.  Or, if you don’t want to, I’ll summarize.  A state senator who endorsed Barak Obama was interviewed by TV Idiot Chris Matthews.  Chris asked “Name some of his legislative accomplishments… name any…” and there was nothing but dead air.  That’s fair – journalists are supposed to ask tough questions, especially when the stakes are this high.

But we’ve been poisoned to believe that what somebody says on television dictates objective reality.  For example, if Matthews had asked the man to name a few continents and he hadn’t been able to come up with anything but North & South America, Europe would stop existing.

This is the dumbing down of America.  This is how Bush operates – just say Iraq is turning into a democracy, that we don’t torture people, that weapons of mass destruction threaten American national security.  It’s true if it gets said on TV.

In 1984, the ruling party put out a new dictionary every year, with less words than the last one.  After a few generations, the people were only able to think smaller and smaller thoughts.  It’s the same thing TV News does, whether it’s Fake News with Bill O’Lielly or MSNBC with Keith Olbermann.  They poison our brains so we can’t recognize logic.  After a generation of this, Americans won’t be smart enough to operate a power plant, and we’ll be in the dark literally instead of just figuratively.

Simple English Wikipedia

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What the hell is this?  Basic English???

Wikipedia has 2.25 million English Language articles. About 1.5 million are spam or “stub” articles, meaning they have a title and a few words, plus massive internal links. Here is an article about a quack doctor who has a web site hawking a book. The article explains that healthy food can kill you by means of starvation.

I’ve mentioned this as early as a year ago – for profit Wikia has until recently hosted a sexual fetish site devoted to spanking. (I would link to my old site on the issue, but the WordPress database is lost.) While links to references backing up Wikipedia’s claims were struck with a nofollow, links going out to the for profit Wikia community are given coveted PageRank with search engine friendly links. (This would be a good time to mention PR means almsot nothing except to lemmings – but there are millions of lemmings in the world.)

I applaud Wikipedia for helping people with special needs, but I question their motives.

February 20, 2008

The End is Near

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February 18, 2008

The Straight of Gibraltar – Satellite View

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Sorry for the short posts – I’m researching a much more in depth issue

for an upcoming re expose.

February 16, 2008

Happy Christmas, Humans

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February 15, 2008

Even the Swedes are Talking About Me

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