Alexander The Great

April 12, 2008

This Picture Kicks Arse

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Because of the global interwebs, I guess I might explain that here in Americaland, which is under the leadership of King George the Uncurious, we have a saying that something, when it impresses, “kicks @$$”. However I prefer not to swear, and while I’m not sure whether the English version, Arse, is a profanity across the pond (from what I’ve heard, “bloody” is), it’s not here. But I digress, and I haven’t started here.

Neerav, a new friend of mine, a man who ran for the prime ministership of his country and got more % of the votes than Ralph Nader here, is a stunningly talented photographer. I thought my friend Forrest was the only person on earth who took pictures that aren’t just boring snap shots, but clearly this is wrong. Neerav is half Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, and half Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter. I’m not kidding, there are pictures of feeding crocodiles, and now, of a real life glacier!

Have a look at this one – the newst in a long line. Have a look at the others, too. I live in Northern California, near the ocean and among the redwoods, but I’m transferred to New Zealand, which I’ve always heard is a nice place. Through the Window(s TM) of my computer I can see with my own eyes this is true in spades.

Neerav lets people download his pictures. I’d love to attach the glacier one to this post, but, out of respect, and from complaints I’ve heard that this is a problem for talented cameramen, I won’t publish his photo here. But you really should go over and have a look at it. Download it for your desktop. I did – it looks like the camera itself might have took a strong dose of LSD before snapping this.


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  1. Thanks Alexander your praise is appreciated, all writers and photographers thrive on it 🙂

    That photo was taken from a Helicopter over Fox Glacier in New Zealand, I’ve written a review of that trip which will be published on 2008-04-27

    One thing though, I don’t want your readers to be misled – I ran in 2 Australian elections last year to try and be the local state member for our State and Federal electorates not to be PM!

    Comment by Neerav — April 12, 2008 @ 10:44 pm | Reply

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