Alexander The Great

August 5, 2008

McCain’s Family Values

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Going after the women’s vote, and pandering to bikers in Sturgis, SD, John McCain suggested his wife, Cindy, should participate in a public topless (and occasionally bottomless) woman contest. Miss Buffalo Chip competes in, among other things, a pickle licking contest. The video is most certainly not safe for work!

Although it’s in exceptionally bad taste, McCain’s blunder was a joke. Sadly, he was not joking when, again in public, he called his wife a trollop. Or when he called her a whore – yet again, in public disgrace. (I have to admit I can’t tell the “trollop” story with a straight face. Nobody has used that word in 90 years!) This is a man who clearly has no respect for his wife, and doesn’t mind letting the country know it. This is also a man who left his previous wife because she gained wait after being injured in a traumatic car crash.

John McCain is a man with far less moral or family values than Bill Clinton himself. With great hypocracy, the Republican Party chose McCain to represent them, as if the presidency was some kind of “lifetime achievement” (ie being old, with just this one last chance) award.

So much for the dignity of the office of the president.


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