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September 10, 2008

Journalistic Fraud at Fox News

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Fox, who’s joke line is “Fair and Balanced”, has been caught with their pants down. People have been making deceptive (to put it mildly) edits to Wikipedia, to remove facts, and to add non facts, from IP addresses owned and managed exclusively by the Fox division of News Corp.

Fortunately, Wikipedia keeps a history of every edit to every page, so fox’s white washing is a matter of public record. Have a look for yourself, at the before and after comparisons.

An entire section (titled Allegations of Journalistic Fraud) was removed from the Carl Cameron article. The section lists out instances where Cameron invented quotes and attributed them to people who did not say such things, and even describes events that never happened. (Jayson Blair, anyone?) The IP in question is, which has made about 500 edits, all of them painting Fox News in a unrealistically better light, or smearing Fox’s obsession targets.

The article on Al Franken adds and attributes a made up quote to Mr Franken, and adds non factual descriptions in violation of WP’s “encyclopedic” and neutrality criteria. Same IP.

In an article on Keith Olbermann, Fox staff removed references to Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment legal problems. This is one of many propaganda edits to prevent (lazy) Wikipedia users from knowing the truth.

In the Shepard Smith (host of “FOX Report With Shepard Smith”), a Fox agent removed a link to Shepard Smith’s mug shot. Our reporter was arrested for aggrevated battery in Florida.

The list goes on and on. The entire “Controversy” section was blanked out by Fox, under the story “Brian Wilson (Fox News Correspondant)”. This identical change was made by several IP addresses.

Fox News has always practiced censorship on its own TV channel, but it’s moved on to censor information from a public encyclopedia as well.


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