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November 18, 2008

I Want to Film PETA’s Next Commercial

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This post has two parts. One is to say something juvenile before my wife cracks my head open with a frying pan. 😀 The other, has a bit to do with search engines. We’ll take these in reverse order.

I noticed that PETA is by far the most common term people are using to find my web site. This has been the case for some time now, but there was a spike of about 200 people yesterday, who came to The Great Library by searching for Peta. Now, I just checked Google (segue alert!) and found the video I’ll talk about in a moment, but I’m not on the first page for this search. Nor am I on the second page, or the third, or – well, I gave up at 5 pages.

It’s hard to imagine 200 people clicking search results buried tens of pages deep on the same day, let alone all of them conspiring to do this for the same word! And we’ve just got to the meat of this post. (Get it? There’s the beef!) Keywords have gone the way of the dodo. Not only is searchese expanding to an average of about 3.5 words per query, but, to any aspiring web content writer, aiming for individual words is folly. Unless the word you want to target is such an obscure mixture of Turkish, Javanese, and Yinglish (like Spanglish, a mix between Yiddish and English) that no one will ever search for it. Webmaster forums are filled with people asking how they can rank #1 for terms like “MySpace” and “video” – not only does this waste the content producer’s ill used time, it prevents the public from ever being able to find anything.

The language on the web, graphed, is the story of clustering. Most of the content on the English web centers around a not so large list of words. These are saturated. Rather than trying to push a car uphill, use richer descriptions. Don’t bludgen your noun phrase, but instead weave a tapestry around your concept.

Now, on to the pedantic. Have a look at Alicia Silverstone’s naked video for Peta. There’s a vague point being made, that she would rather go naked than wear fur (or cotton, apparently!), but it gets lost in the curves. Honestly, I don’t understand how this advertising campaign makes sense, from a marketing standpoint. I have respect for Peta’s stated goals, but, honestly, nobody viewing these ads is listening to the message. 😀 On that note, I wish I’d been a photographer, instead of a computer programmer, so that I might get paid to keep my mouth shut on these things, and to keep my eyes peeled! I guess the grass is always greener.

I guess it’s no more a secret that sex sells things (and ideas) than it is, that long tail is the future of search engine “optimization” (a silly misnomer implying that web site owners try their darnedest to optimize the performance or reliability of Google’s code base!).

PETAs Message

Turning her back on fur

Running of the bulls?

More PETA Europe

How many of you are thinking about animals, instead of just animalistically?


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