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February 3, 2009

Quick Stimulus Package Question

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How is it that a few months ago, any fewer that $700 billion was just too little, for a bailout, but today, $800 billion is too much?

For his part, Obama gave us an itemized list for how he intends to use the money. Paulson derived his figure with chicken’s blood and some eye of newt.


December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, One and All

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We’ve geekily listened to Dicken’s A Christmas Charol as a radio drama, donated blankets, quilts, and winter coats to the homeless, and had a mass with friends.  I’ve been reading about Christmas in other cultures, from Italy’s La Befana, who set out to bring gifts to Jesus, got lost, and now brings presents for all children, to Blue Winds Dancing, a Native American story of family togetherness, and harmony with the world.  This is a time for human goodness, charity, and a sense of common purpose in the world.

Merry Christmas to all!

November 13, 2008

Bill O’Reilly on the Daily Show

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The anchor and front man of a fake news network is going to guest on a fake news program.  Bill O seems to be hoping this will help his credibility.

October 30, 2008

Four More Days

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Get out and vote!

September 1, 2008

What’s He Looking At?

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August 26, 2008

John McCain’s Hate Affair With The Press

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McCain’s presidential campaign continues to beat the drum of victimhood at the hands of the mainstream media. The famously liberal news are “in love with” Barack Obama. This is a traditional ploy among election losers in recent times – George H.W. Bush asked Americans during his second term to “Annoy the media, re-elect Bush.” Already, this doesn’t bode well for McCain.

In 2008, we’re asked to choose a love song that best exemplifies the relationship between Obama and the press. Bloggers are drawing cartoons that might not be printed in the Sunday funnies. The ongiong love affair theme reminds me of a high school drama where a suiter is rejected by the woman he wants so badly.

It’s not doing a very good job, but the campaign is trying to use a bully pulpit of sorts to punish the media. How many people think this is going to endear the media to McCain? Going on the (weak) offensive against an institution you want something from, generally isn’t a good way to get what you want, and brings up questions aabout McCain’s jugement.

Whether there’s obvious or hidden bias among reporters who have little more credibility among many Americans than Jon Stewart, Obama’s campaign is somewhat more “newsworthy”. This year, one way or another, was destined to prove historic in the history of party nominated presidential politics. Thanks to George W. Bush’s failed policies, and not tenage crushes of reporters, will see in November 2008 the first non white president (with a funny name) of the US of A.

August 13, 2008

Animal Rights Post – Off the Charts

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For some bizarre reason or another, my Peta blog post is drawing in visitors like there’s no tomorrow.  It must be the reference to Australian politics.  Anyway, I’m glad I could help people shed light on this issue.

August 8, 2008

Delaney’s World

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Indeed, this is creepy. As they say on the internet, epic fail!  Delaney has some interesting posts to check out – the tattoo collection is strangely fascinating.

August 5, 2008

McCain’s Family Values

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Going after the women’s vote, and pandering to bikers in Sturgis, SD, John McCain suggested his wife, Cindy, should participate in a public topless (and occasionally bottomless) woman contest. Miss Buffalo Chip competes in, among other things, a pickle licking contest. The video is most certainly not safe for work!

Although it’s in exceptionally bad taste, McCain’s blunder was a joke. Sadly, he was not joking when, again in public, he called his wife a trollop. Or when he called her a whore – yet again, in public disgrace. (I have to admit I can’t tell the “trollop” story with a straight face. Nobody has used that word in 90 years!) This is a man who clearly has no respect for his wife, and doesn’t mind letting the country know it. This is also a man who left his previous wife because she gained wait after being injured in a traumatic car crash.

John McCain is a man with far less moral or family values than Bill Clinton himself. With great hypocracy, the Republican Party chose McCain to represent them, as if the presidency was some kind of “lifetime achievement” (ie being old, with just this one last chance) award.

So much for the dignity of the office of the president.

May 20, 2008

Why do you have a web site?

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This question is for anyone with a blog, a forum, even a web application. If it’s served over HTTP, it’s a web site (or part of one).

I’m getting the impression from being a moderator at WT, that profit is the only reason to create, run, or generally have a web site. The most succinct quote was “This is a webmaster forum – let’s talk about making money!” I have to say, this seems a bit depressing. It’s natural that some web sites should be set up for their owners to profit, and others to raise funds for charity, etc. But it’s a sad idea that all web sites should be made with this in mind. Commercial television has produced stunning winners, but also a mountain of crap with little variety. There’s a lot of crap on the web, but there’s a lot of quality, too, and most of it wouldn’t have ever seen the light of the small screen. The web is more like taking a book out from the library, than watching The Office.

So, for anyone reading my message in a bottle, I’m curious. Why run a web site at all? It takes time, energy, sometimes money. Is it an investment? A way to share thoughts with the world? Are you hoping to become famous? Is it part of a larger portfolio? Knowledge for the people? Something my imagination can’t grasp?

I’d like to take the opportunity to start a blog meme, and enlist the answers of a few specific people. But, please don’t think I’m excluding anyone I’ve forgotten.

  • Adam Senour, who hasn’t been seen or heard from.
  • Thierry, Euro-genius extraordinaries.
  • Dan, who’s forgotten more about web hosting than I’ll ever know, and is the web’s #1 spam killer to boot.
  • Dan, who’s blog has an identical theme as the other Dan, but is actually a different person. This particular one does endless charity work, and has a great outlook on life.
  • James, who we learned is a celebrity for having challenged the king of DP.
  • Forrest, who’s probably too busy to read this.

You can answer on your own site, or here, whichever is convenient.

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