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April 8, 2008

Will Google Kill Microsoft?

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Will Microsoft? Will they even be killed? It seems like the Redmond giant is a lot like the Roman Empire. Too big for its briches, and lately on a downward slope. They’ve extended the shelf life several times now of XP, due to among other things a user petition signed by many thousands of Vista non users.

Google has been applying pressure for some time now. Gmail is aimed directly at Exchange Server, between the mail and calendar. It’s even available in whatever domain you might choose as part of Google Applications.

And, while speaking of their apps, Google Docs is now available offline.

The rumors of a Google Phone seem to have died off, but I’m still hearing about a Google Operating System.  This may or may not ever happen, but I’d bet it’s holding some people back from “up”grading to Vista?  Their desktop search application puts them on the desktop.  They have a significant amount of public good will, both from the quality of most of their products, and their protection of their customers against the Bush administration’s domestic spying programs.  (Although, in truth, there are questions about Google’s data retention vs privacy, and about their response to the US vs China’s governments.  Some people are even comparing them to Microsoft!)


March 30, 2008

A Page Can Only Have 1 Title Tag!

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Remember the quote about if another country forced our standards of education on us we’d consider it an act of war? Here’s a glowing example. The web isn’t so hard to understand. I’m reading a book by Tim Leary, it has a title. A as in 1. Just like a book has 1 title, a web page has 1 title.

But our friend at “SEO 101 Blog” want to try multiple titles to get his clients (?) better search engine rankings. Titles in the footer, titles in images, titles in Firefox, titles galore. This apparently comes from a misunderstanding of html, specifically the difference between tags and attributes. For people with no idea, tags are surrounded with <pointy brackets> and attributes aren’t. An attribute is something that describes or gives more information to a tag.

I don’t think the importance of a basic understanding of html can be overstated for the SEO industry. If our friend wants to bait search engines, and these creaturs try to tease out semantic meaning from html, it stands to reason that he and others like him would benefit from walking a mile in Google Bot’s shoes.

Why important? Two people can’t share new ideas with each other about a complex system when they can’t describe the parts they’re talking about in a way the other will understand. Words (and these are technical ones, less well known to many) have established, agreed on meanings. Rather than inventing new ones and then trying to convince people to take you up on their meanings, simply use them as intended if you wish to be understood.

March 11, 2008

Google – I Feel Lucky

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