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March 12, 2008

Who Will Clean My Inbox When I’m Dead?

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Every day I get about 50 emails. About 45 are spam. MF Doom put it best in Kookies “Supposed to be checking emails but all I’ve got is spam from ass nekid females. I don’t know a Jenny, but she says it’s free and I won’t owe her a penny. Last I saw of that one, but there are thousands more horrors in online Gomorrah.

Back to my Yahoo and Gmail accounts. Every day I delete and blacklist 45 or so spam messages. Every day 45 more get through. Sometimes I win the lottory in some foreign country like England or South Africa. Other times they want to give me a college degree. Usually it’s viagra. Or credit card debt. Every now and then they want to give me a bigger pencil – that one confuses me because I don’t write on paper anymore. ūüôā

I used to curse the internet out whenever I checked my email. But I’ve gotten used to it. In fact it’s become a habit, a routine, and eventually given me a sense of purpose. I may be a cog in the machine like Pink Floyd, my name may have been replaced by a number (in hex, of course), but I clean spam from my inbox, and I do a good job of it. Thank you sir, may I have another?

This task has grown in importance. No longer is it the annoyance I felt in the 1990s. Having a spam free inbox is mission critical, it’s like being free of sin if you’re Catholic, so that when your time comes you can meet God proudly. Or having clean underwear on when you get hit by a car – for the kids. It’s necessary not to have spam in my inbox.

But the gates of heaven beg the question, who will clean my inbox, purge it of spam, when I’m dead? I can’t bear the thought of spam piling up like dust in a forgotten basement somewhere, never to see the online recycle bin?

January 16, 2008

Cell Phones vs (or =?) Computers

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Matt McDonald has written a fascinating¬†post¬†about¬†not¬†only¬†an unprecedented¬†trend¬†happening¬†today,¬†but¬†also about this trend’s implications. What’s the news? There are cell phones that are more powerful than the average consumer PC or Mac. What are the implications? Read A Race From Both Ends.

Obviously, one thing this leads to is a more connected world. McDonald points to some facts that blow Hillary and Obama’s meteroic rise out of the water

  1. In 2001 about 120 million Americans were using cell phones.
  2. As of late 2007 there was over 250 million.
  3. We’re talking¬†about¬†a¬†country¬†with¬†300¬†million¬†people.

I had previously written a post asking similar questions to the ones Matt is posing for his readers. Mine was called MySpaceBook, Killer of Jobs, and discussed both the positive and negative effects that the business section of the Sunday paper talks about. Highly automated software is replacing the concept of a workforce, at least in some areas of the tech and web “industry”. The natural panic is less jobs, but this could mean less work needing to be done, and cheaper (if not free) services. More utopian than dystopian, if you ask me.

Matt comes to similar conclusions. 1,000 years from now, historians will study our times, and call these days the most important since the Agricultural Revolution. We’re going through a peroid of amazing and rapid change. It’s not without its costs, but these will ultimately be worth the benefits to society and to too many individuals to count.

January 14, 2008

MySpaceBook, Killer of Jobs

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No, not Steve Jobs. ¬†YouTube employed 60 people when it was bought by Google, and served more viewers than many cable television networks. Skype has double the customers of British Telecoms, with a staff of 200 people. This is about 90,000 less than the company’s UK staff.

These companies compete with traditional, “Old Economy” powerhouses that, quite often, pay decent wages to their many people. As technology marches forward, we’re seeing job growth that, at best, is mismatched to our past. Those that find good wages today are increasingly service oriented in a broad sense, and require considerable talent. Job skills like PHP, C++ and AJAX are frankly not available to many people. They require not just intelligence, but a combination of access to technical literature, a machine to practice with, and lots of time. (Open source software rarely runs on free hardware.)

On the other hand, Craigslist isn’t forcing people to use it instead of traditional news print. They’re allowing people to. People are choosing overwhelmingly to deal with internet companies that are highly automated rather than job factories, in part because they’re cheaper or free, and in part because they’re frankly better. (Craigslist is full of crazies, but your post goes live in 15 minutes.)

We’ve always been encouraged to vote with our dollars. Why, then, are we surprised when competition has losers, and not just winners? Overall, what do you think – is the web doing more harm than good, or the other way around?

January 2, 2008

Choosing a Military School (Spam is Fun)

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I got this personal message webmaster talk, a forum about the internet in general, and blogging in particular.  I like the forum because there are generally very intelligent people.


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A new site, Creeps & Morons, has sprung up to not only combat spam, but to display it to the adoring public.  After all, robots are working tirelessly to produce metric tons of the stuff every second.  The least we can do is be entertained.
Stumble Upon a Spammer

December 31, 2007

Wow! Australians are Smart!

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This one in particular is a good photographer, too – check out his free desktop wallpapers.

December 2, 2007

The Internet Described in 5 Lines

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Supposed to be checking emails
but all I got is messages from ass naked females.
Thousands more horrors in online Gomorrah.

Kookies, by MF Doom

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