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December 30, 2008

72 Virgins + A Surprise

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They were mentioned on Family Guy, Fox’s stoner cartoon show. Seth Green likes gags, especially cutting to a bizarre interpretation of something that was just said. Peter’s fantasy was for a suicide bomber to be “unpleasantly surprised” to find out the virgins waiting for him are the wrong gender.



December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, One and All

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We’ve geekily listened to Dicken’s A Christmas Charol as a radio drama, donated blankets, quilts, and winter coats to the homeless, and had a mass with friends.  I’ve been reading about Christmas in other cultures, from Italy’s La Befana, who set out to bring gifts to Jesus, got lost, and now brings presents for all children, to Blue Winds Dancing, a Native American story of family togetherness, and harmony with the world.  This is a time for human goodness, charity, and a sense of common purpose in the world.

Merry Christmas to all!

December 19, 2008

The World’s Hardest Question?

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December 13, 2008

Astounding Republican Paranoia

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Here’s a disturbing comment left on TED

A Hall – October 22 2008

Please do more than passively read, watch and consume what the government funded ‘scientists’ and ‘climate specialists’ ideas, such as David Keith are espousing here, just look a little further if you really want to know the truth, because this, i beleive is certainly not it.
This message, or mistruth about climate change is part of a massively and intentional orchestrated fear campaign to make us believe that global warming is really happening. Yes we are harming our environment, yes this is a terrible thing that needs to change.
BUT the ‘facts’ presented here and in so many other talks, films, doumentaries and books is not proven to be so, if we look back a little further – say further back than the last few hundred years for example.

Look at the works of Loehle and McCulloch if you like. There is proven and solid scientific evidence that while we are indeed in the midst of a rise in temperatures, this is a cycle, which the earth has undergone many times before.

It is much more convenient however, to ignore this truth (which is there to be found if you just research a little), and lap up the spin doctoring lies that climate change is going to be the end of the world. As another post said, weren’t we being told in the 70’s that we were going into an iceage?!

This so called issue, along with many other falicies such as terrorism,world war III, financial collapse fo the western economies are all part of a giant cover to make us all so fearful that we beg the governements and the corporations that control them to do something – anything – to make it better.

Lets not be sheep – do some reading, research and thinking for yourself, check where the information is coming from, who is writing it and what their other possible interests may be. We need to look further abroad and see what the reality of our world is.Only with truth and knowledge can we have power and the opportunity to do something about what we do not agree with!

December 11, 2008


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Has anyone tried this plugin?  Look pretty basic, but at 3 days old, it’s showing explosive growth.  wp-visitors is a log parser, showing where your most recent visitors came from, both as a referral and IP address.  While this isn’t (directly) actionable, it’s at least fun.


December 8, 2008

Html Agility Pack

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Has anyone else used this? I’m teetering between it’s given name and Html Agitation Pack. Written by an MSDN guru and moved to CodePlex, this is the XmlDocument of the web.

An aside, people who use open source languages like Pearl and Ruby will be shocked to know how difficult it is for Microsoft developers to use html programatically. We’re able to consume xml very quickly, so long as it’s well formed, but any error in the markup renders the whole document unreadable. Microsoft’s design goal was to never guess at the developer’s intent, so, anything the least bit ambiguous is an exception. Agility Pack is an open source library for parsing html and making the guesses MS was unwilling to make, outside IE.

I’m finding it slow. The software has trouble with certain encodings, and, worse, it throws stack overflow exceptions! This means it makes far too heavy use of recursion. Genereally a loop (sometimes with a stack or a queue) will fix the problem, but it’s very heard to search for, in such a large code base.

Still, this hasn’t stopped others from finding creative uses for the library. The page localizer is a fascinating example. And here’s a converter, allowing LINQ over web pages!

The Orb

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From TED – This was created with a noble purpose in mind, and I’d encourage everybody to learn more about it. This, also, is a fascinating piece of technology. The Orb turns a handful of LED lights into a display of our home, Planet Earth.

Nick and James Sears have taken up Fuller’s geo scope challenge, and built a way to contextualize the world’s data.

The Orb

This is truly fantastic.

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